AMC is a result of Melissa’s passion for all things musical and her talents as a teacher, director, composer of music. She has vast experience in performance, setting up Vocational Education pathways for senior music students, networking with the live music industry scene eg. Groovin’ the Moo, her composition series Grooves that Move and her understanding of contemporary and musical theatre songwriting. Most importantly, Melissa sees the potential in musicians and encouraging them to reach their full potential.

AMC give opportunities for students to reach their musical goals with encouragement, confidence building, networking with live performance venues and business skills to match. Melissa offers expert teaching in sound production, music tutoring, psychology of performance, band management and more.

Don’t learn in an institution. Come discover our rainforest studios and performances spaces.

Melissa’s passion is reflected in her perfectionist attitude keeping student achievement at the top of her priorities . Her vast experience has helped shape her into one of Australia’s leading music educators.